Quality Driven


WeitaiHydraulic’s business covers core hydraulic components,

systemsand lubricants throughout their entire life

cyclein construction and mining machinery.

Asa Long-term cooperation partner of global leading

constructionmachinery manufacturers,

WeitaiHydraulic can anticipate customer needs,

supportthe development of new operating modes,

and help reduce pollutionin the construction machinery industry.


Weitai Hydraulic provides reliable innovative

driving solutions for the world's leadingconstruction machinery manufacturers.

The WTM series travel motors have an advanceddesign structure and provide high volume

efficiency, high strength and good stability.

lt iscurrently used by well-known internationalbrands and gradually becoming the first choice of

OEM Travel Motor for Chinese domestic excavator manufacturers.

Our WTM Travel Motor covers a full range of 0.8 tons to 36 ton machines so it can almost fit all the

popular machine models both Chinese and international brands. We can also design and

build as per the specific requirements of individual customers' equipment.

The WBM series Travel Motors, with large torque, heavy load, compact structure and built-in

flushing valve, are suitable for closed hydraulic systems, and have been widely used in various loaders and road machinery.

We can also provide Bent Axis Motor and separated Gearbox to match the different requirements.


WSM series Swing Motors have compact structure,

small volume and low noise. The high strength and the heavy load capacity of bearing support of

output shaft ensure a long service life. They are mainly used in hydraulic rotary construction

machinery and mining machinery. Our swing motors cover a full range of 2.5 tons to 30 tons

machines and can meet the requirements and specifications of various equipment.


Weitai Hydraulic quickly responds to the needs

of international customers by designing and manufacturing wheel motors for after-sales

market. Now we have built MCR series and MS series Wheel Motors and they have received

positive feedback in the international market.


Large impact, various control, bad working environment-these workingconditions

are always the unavoidable challenge of the Hydraulic Cylinders,

which used in Construction Machinery. Weitai Hydraulic design the innovativesealing and buffering structure,

strives for excellent in the processing of cylindertubes and related parts,

eatablish automatic production line in theelectroplating and welding.

We ensure our cylinders have high-performedstability and reliability.

Our cylinder bore diameter covers 300mm and stroke reaches 5000mm.

Theapplication range includes 1.5 Ton to 50 Ton machines.


With the continuous growth of the construction machinery industry,

oursupply scope is gradually expanding.

It currently contains the core hydrauliccomponents of construction machinery including

the main pump,plunger pump, gear pump, plunger motor, orbital motor and other relatedcomponents.

We also have the ability to providing hydraulic solutions for the entiremachine.


Based on the demand of construction machinery industry,

Weitai hasrecently launched an all-round strategic cooperation with OEM factories

of BPPetroleum, ExxonMobil, Trafigura, Shell and other large international companies.

This allows the company to provide high quality lubricating oil, hydraulic oiland

other special oil products for construction machinery in compliance

with theAmerican Petroleum Institute (API) industry standards.