Service Concept


The present era, in pursuit of innovation is one of the basic but one of the most important points that throughout our daily lives. Wintin not only put its focus on the product innovation but also the customer services’ system upgrading. We continuously promote originality, inspire creativity and encourage innovation and keep moving forward with the advanced innovation concept.


For Wintin, quality always comes the first to define all ex-factory products. It is the fulfillment of the perfect combination of the producing progress, human resource management, after sale service etc. Total Quality Management (TQM)” can effectively improve the standardization level and work efficiency and Wintin always bares in mind that “Quality is the key for surviving.”


Success is our engine. Quality, leadership and last but not least enduring, sustainable profit are the goals we are striving towards. Wintin will keep close step with the most recent government policy and being the forever champion in the hydraulic area both home and abroad.


Trust is the basic request for business, not only for individual but for all public social parts. The first thing that Wintin sells is not its products but the sincere, once built the trust could the business be operated easily and permanently.


Wintin burdens its responsibility for the country, for society, for its customers and for all Wintin’s employees. Winitin will never stop its step moving forward as only become stronger it will have more capacities to pay back to the society!