Autonomous truck for mining
Author:WINTIN Browsing times:2892 Date:2016-07-01

As part of an autonomous vehicle researchand development project, Volvo is demonstrating its self-driving truck in asimulated mining environment.

“The Volvo Group has developed a solutionthat we believe will ultimately revolutionize the mining industry.” saysTorbjörn Holmström, Volvo’s chief technology officer. “We expect to be able tosignificantly increase our customers’ productivity while at the same timeimproving fuel efficiency and safety.”

A cooperative venture between Volvo andSaab subsidiary Combitech, the project aims to develop a fully autonomoustransport solution. The fully outfitted construction vehicle navigates andoperates autonomously above and underground. It uses sensors and GPS technologyto continuously read its surroundings, navigate fixed and movable obstacles,and gather data via its transport system to further optimize its route andtraffic safety. The truck requires no manual supervision, but is part of thecustomer’s total transport solution that controls the entire productionprocess.