WTM-03A Travel Motor


● Integrated with dual displacement axial piston motor and traveling reducer.
● Built-in Relief Valve, Anti-reverse Valve, Parking Brake and Dual speed switching device.
● World famous brand Sealing system with excellent performance and long durability.
● Produced by Intelligent flexible producing line and precision CNC machining centers.
● Available in wide scope of ratios, high density, high efficiency, high reliability.
● small volume, smooth transmission, low noise, multi-level security protection and long life.
● Widely applied to hydraulic track drive traveling devices.

● WTM-03A Final Drive is used for 2.5~3.5 Ton machines and interchangable with model PHV-3B, MAG18VP-230/350, etc.


● Model: WTM-03A

● Input Flow: 40L/min

● Swept Volume: 12/18ml/r

● Working Pressure: 21Mpa

● Brake Releasing Pressure: 2 ~ 7Mpa

● Gear Ratio: 1/48.6

● Theoretical Output Torque: 2900N.m

● Theoretical Output Speed: 68/45r/mm

● Direction: Bidirectional

● Oil Temperature Range: -20 ~ +80℃

● Working Viscosity: 16 ~ 25 mm²/s

● Machine Application: 2.5 ~ 3.5Ton