Hydraulic Oil HP

WeiTai Hydraulic oil are applicable to the hydraulic systems of heavy load medium and high voltage vane pumps and gear pumps of various transport vehicles and construction machinery equipments.

HP 46Product Features

● Ultra long durability, able to prolong the life of hydraulic oil and equipment, life cycle is more than 5000 hours;

● Superb hydrolytic stability, able to prevent the influence of additivedecomposition on hydraulic operation;

● Excellent filterability, ensure the cleanliness of hydraulic oil and preventperformance degradation;

● Soutstanding stability and antioxidant performance, able to reduce theformation of oil sludge and acids;

●Excellent demulsifying property, maintain stable lubrication effect;

●Excellent corrosion resistance performance, effectively prevent the corrosion of iron and copper;

● Low bubble trend, prevent damage to the oil pump or valve due to insufficient lubrication.